Annie Donovan to Depart CDFI Fund

Treasury Official Jodie Harris to Replace Donovan

Today Annie Donovan announced her departure from the CDFI Fund. 


Donovan's accomplishments at the Fund are numerous. During her five years as director, she oversaw tremendous growth in the agency's funding and programming and the largest ever CDFI Program award round. Integrating more data into policy-making was a top priority for Donovan, and under her leadership, the Fund modernized their online reporting systems with the transition to AMIS. Donovan and her team also awarded the largest ever NMTC allocation, the $7 billion 2015/2016 Super Round, and she made it happen without much in the way of additional resources.  


Donovan leaves the Fund in good hands. Her replacement, Jodie Harris joins the Fund from the Department of Treasury where she serves as Director of Small Business, Community Development, and Housing Policy. Harris previously ran the BEA program and served as an adviser to former CDFI Fund Director Donna Gambrell. 


"She has worked in policy and finance, and she has a great lens of skills and experience for the job. One of the hardest parts of the jobs is to align the CDFI fund within the Department of Treasury, and Jodie will be masterful at that," said Donovan today at the NMTC Coalition's Annual Conference.


We wish Annie well and we expect to see great things from her in the future.

Below: Annie Donovan Announces her departure from the CDFI Fund at the NMTC Coalition's Annual Conference


Incoming CDFI Fund Director Jodie Harris

Jodie Harris serves as director of the Office of Small Business, Community Development and Affordable Housing Policy (SBCDHP) with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Jodie has worked in both the public and private sectors for over 25 years. Following her start as a commercial real estate and community development credit analyst, Jodie served as president of a small non-profit consulting firm providing technical assistance and education to small businesses and entrepreneurs. She spent several years in the Strategy and Business Architecture division of Accenture, LLC, working with a range of clients including financial institutions, nonprofits and technology companies. Jodie has extensive experience in policy research and worked as a policy analyst with New York University's Institute for Education and Social Policy, and with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where she focused on low-income food programs.


Jodie joined Treasury in 2007 as an associate program manager with the CDFI Fund and later served as senior advisor to the director. During her time with Treasury, Jodie has managed grant programs and developed legislative and policy proposals for a wide range of issues with a focus on access to capital, community development banking and financial inclusion. As SBCDHP director, Jodie leads a team of policy analysts in the development of policies and programs that support community and economic development nationwide.


Jodie originally hails from Philadelphia and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland. She holds a MBA and MPA from New York University.