June 19, 2018

Send your message to oppose harmful Farm Bill

The House is expected to once again vote on a harmful Farm Bill that would rob millions of Americans and tens of thousands of New Jersey residents of food assistance through the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, aka food stamps).


We beat this once and we can do it again! But only if we all speak up with a collective voice to urge our Congressional reps to stand strong against this damaging bill.


Send your message now.


The good news is that the Senate is advancing a different version of the Farm Bill that protects SNAP. So let's send a strong message to support the Senate version and oppose the House measure.


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The bill would impose punitive work requirements, taking food away from people who are struggling to find work. It would also cut assistance to an estimated 35,000 New Jersey residents, many of them working parents and their children, who would no longer qualify under the new rules in the bill.


Your voice is critical. All but one of New Jersey's representatives opposed the Farm Bill when it was first voted on last month. That was due in large part to the many caring New Jersey residents who joined us in speaking up against this bill. We can win again!